Roomba Indoor Rollator

Product Features

Designed in contrasting black and white and developed for indoor use

Full length handlebar is made from soft foamed rubber to provide a comfortable grip

Full length brake handle is suitable for one hand operation (e.g. by persons suffering from Hemiplegia)

Very narrow with a width of only 57cm (22”) ideally suited for use in tight spaces

Foldable for easy storage and transportation and locks when folded up for easy handling

Extremely lightweight aluminium frame weighs only 5.6kg (with basket and tray)

Includes a practical tray with a built in cup holder to avoid spillages, and raised edges to prevent dropping items

Includes a textile basket to keep essentials handy


Product Specification

WIDTH – 57cm (24”)

DEPTH – 55cm (22”)

HEIGHT MIN – 81cm (32”)

HEIGHT MAX – 94cm (37”)

WEIGHT – 6kg (13lb)


WEIGHT CAPACITY – 100kg (16st)